-Is it true that Full Members may be granted permission to videotape a rehearsal?
Yes. According to the SDC agreement with AEA, subject to approval from both unions, a Director or Choreographer may videotape a final run-through in the rehearsal room with no costumes or props. This tape may be used for notation purposes only and may only be viewed by members of the creative team. Please contact Michelle (ext. 236, MSokolowski@SDCweb.org) for the full terms of the agreement and the permission forms. Videotaping requests MUST be made at least TWO WEEKS prior to requested taping date.
-I’ve lost my membership card.
Call or email Michelle Sokolowski (ext. 236, MSokolowski@SDCweb.org ) and she’ll replace it for you.
-How do I know if I’m eligible for Health Insurance?
You are eligible to participate in the Health plan if you are employed under an SDC contract and sufficient employer contributions are made to the SDC-League Health Fund on your behalf. Check out the Health Plan Eligibility page of the website to learn more about eligibility, and contact Funds Administrator, John Everson (ext. 234, JEverson@SDCweb.org) for further explanation.
-My membership has been suspended and I need to make an online payment so I can be reinstated, but I can’t log onto the web site.
Simply click “Continue without logging in.” Once we’ve registered your payment, your Member login status will be reinstated along with your Membership status.
-What’s the best way to let you know I’ve moved or changed my contact information?
Whenever you edit your online profile, the website sends us an email and we make the change in our main database. Changing your address or contact information in your profile is the most efficient way to ensure that your information is consistently up-to-date.
-I have a question about my dues invoice. Who can help me?
Contact Senior Business Associate Michele Holmes (ext. 240, MHolmes@SDCweb.org) and she’ll be glad to assist you.
-I’ve forgotten my username and password for my Member login. What do I do?
Unless you’ve changed it, your username is your first initial and last name. If you cannot remember your selected password, please click "Forgot My Password" button on the login page of the Online Community, and you will receive it via email. If you continue to have trouble logging on, call or email Member Services Coordinator, Michelle Sokolowski (ext. 236, MSokolowski@SDCweb.org ).