-Will SDC help me get work?
We are not an employment agency. We are a union. However, we do have an electronic community board in our online Member area where Members and Associates can check out job listings. We also encourage everyone to take advantage of our unique networking opportunities. We are continually working to expand Union jurisdiction which will create more job opportunities for Members.
-Do I have to be an SDC Member or Associate in order to apply for the Foundation Observerships and Fellowships?
With the exception of the Denham Fellowship and the Guest Artist Initiative, all of our fellowships are open to the public. Click on the Career Development page in the Foundation area of the website for more information about applications, requirements and deadlines. If you have questions about Foundation Observerships or Fellowships please send an email to Foundation@SDCweb.org.
-Do I have to be an SDC Member or Associate to participate in the Exchanges, Panel Discussions, One-on-Ones or DCNs?
You do not have to be a Member or Associate to attend DCN Panel Discussions or One-on-Ones, however there is a occasionally a nominal attendance fee which is reduced or waived for Members and Associates.
-If I join SDC, will I have to turn down Assistant and Associate gigs?
No. SDC does not have jurisdiction over Assistants and Associates. You can be a member and still take these jobs. There are no SDC contracts involved.
-I’m interested in joining SDC. What is the difference between being a Member and an Associate?
The most fundamental difference is that Associates do not file contracts and Members must file each and every time they work. For more information go to the Membership Benefits section of the web site. And you can always call or email Member Services Coordinator, Michelle Sokolowski (ext. 236, MSokolowski@SDCweb.org) for more information.