In 1999 the Shepard and Mildred Traube Fellowship was established in celebration of the 40th anniversary of SDC and to honor the legacy of Shepard and Mildred Traube. Shepard Traube was one of SDC’s founders and Mildred Traube served for many years as the SDC’s Executive Secretary. The Traube Fellowship supports the development of future Broadway artists by providing early-career directors and choreographers with the opportunity to assist or observer a master director of choreographers at work on a Broadway production. The Traube Fellowship is administered through and operates as a component of the SDCFoundation’s Observership Program, as such, only the current season’s Observership candidates will be eligible for this Fellowship.

AWARD: A stipend of $200 per week of rehearsal and preview period plus small travel stipend.

APPLY: Only those in that year’s SDCF Observership Pool may apply.